Love discounts and free stuff???

I have a couple spots open for a facebook party this week!! If you are interested in the products and learning more this a great fun way to do so. All new party format this year and im so ready to launch it!! Please let me know ASAP if youre down, so I can get … Continue reading Love discounts and free stuff???


Daily affirmation: I am confident!! 

I am confident. That is my affirmation today. Why do I need to affirm myself? Well, an affirmation is the action or process of affirming something or someone, which technically means emotional support or encouragement. So when you're affirming yourself with your daily affirmation, you are giving yourself emotional support and encouragement. This is probably … Continue reading Daily affirmation: I am confident!! 


Sometimes acceptance can be hard, especially when you're having to accept something that didn't go as planned. It is very important if you are looking to live your best life possible. Living your best life possible involves being your most authentic and true self and doing what ultimately makes you happiest in your life. This … Continue reading Acceptance