Sometimes acceptance can be hard, especially when you’re having to accept something that didn’t go as planned. It is very important if you are looking to live your best life possible. Living your best life possible involves being your most authentic and true self and doing what ultimately makes you happiest in your life. This looks different for everyone, as we all have different hopes, dreams, wants,and needs in life. Sometimes the things that you’re accepting are not necessarily up to par with what you want and that doesn’t mean that you need to lower your standards. It simply means that you need to accept what is so that you can change it to what will be. So for instance if you’d like to lose weight and you’re not happy with your body that it is vitally important that you take a look at yourself and first accept the way your body is, the way your body works,and find something that you like about it. If you don’t find something you like about your body and find some sort of self worth about your appearance then you’re not going to be motivated enough to improve it.You have to feel worthy of improvement before it will happen. Let me say this again for the people in the back, you have to feel worthy of improvement before it will happen. If you don’t believe in yourself, and feel that you deserve whatever it is that you’re trying to obtain,then it’s not going to happen because self-doubt will kill that before ever is off the ground. You have to accept the way your life is and evaluate where you are, where you want to be, what resources do you already have to get there, and what are your next steps to accomplishing your goals. Yes that is a lot of steps but the first one and maybe the most important one is acceptance. You may need to accept that the job that you have is not a job that you’re happy with, you make enough money with, or that you’re proud of.Once you realize that you would like to be somewhere different, then you can move towards that goal. Let’s say that you’re not happy in your marriage and it appears that the person you have picked to spend the rest of your life with is not somebody that makes you happy anymore. The first step to moving on is accepting that the marriage is not going to work and then you will have to file for divorce and start a new life. You will never find your soulmate, love of your life, someone who is truly compatible with you, until you learn to let go of the failed relationship that you’re already in. There are more scenarios then I can even touch on in one post, but I encourage everyone who is unhappy with where you are, a situation in your life, or looking to change any aspect of it; to first take a moment to accept what is so that you can move on from it and grow what will be. 

“Accept, then act. ” -Eckhart Tolle 


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