Dreaming Starts Here

A dream is a thought, idea, or contemplation of something. You can dream and live it or you can dream and wish it. Most dream and wish thinking they will never be able to accomplish or pursue any of them. This is a sadly what happens more times than not, but I urge you not to fall into the cycle of life, merely going through the motions day in and out. What is it that you love? How and where do you see yourself? What is the best life you can imagine? It can be something as simple as losing weight and buying a home. It can also be something that seems far less attainable like becoming a doctor or starting your own business. I assure you that is not the case though. You really just need to set out and begin your own journey to get to that place. Many don’t have any clue as to where to start or how to even take that first step. Many don’t even know what that place is that they want to be. If you haven’t yet decided what your dreams are then you need to start there. Look inside yourself and find out what those things are. Easier said than done, right? Well not necessarily, it can be much easier than you think, but I assure you that life is too short to not live the best one that you can imagine. First things first, grab a pen and paper. Write down these things you are about to think up. You can also make a vision board, however that is much more time consuming and maybe more useful to you later as you already have some things pinned down. Start by jotting down some things you like to do, are interested in, make you happy, have tried and want to do more of, would like to try, or are merely curious about. These are going to be things you see in yourself as well as traits or activities you do everyday that you enjoy. Ill give you an example, here are some of mine:

Shopping                                                                                   setting goals

Socializing                                                                                 dancing

Music                                                                                         self improvement

Yoga                                                                                           traveling

Helping others                                                                           nutrition

Meditation                                                                                 reading

Writing                                                                                       planning

Now some of these things I do everyday such as listening to music, helping others, writing, setting goals…

Some things I hardly ever do but really want more of like dancing, traveling, yoga…

The point of this is to get out all the things no matter how big or small that mean something to you or have the possibility of. Once you have this done you can narrow them down and its important to do this every so often to reevaluate these ideas. You will change interests or find out maybe you didn’t like something new as much as you had hoped. That’s ok. This is just a great place to start exploring yourself and what different activities you find to be enjoyable. Pursuing your dreams is not an easy and quick process, you will get out of it what you put into it. If you do nothing you will have nothing. If you doubt yourself, then you are setting yourself up for failure. You don’t have to tell others your dreams necessarily, it’s a very personal thing, and once someone plants the first seed of doubt it will grow in your mind like wildfire.

6726e4ba8254d9ba2402684973344b0f.jpgSurround yourself with inspiring, positive, and supportive people that will help you and cheer you on in your ventures in life. It will make or break your chances in life!!

” To Begin, Begin.”

-Walt Whitman


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