Clutter is more than stuff

If you’ve ever watched an episode of hoarders than you probably know that most of the people are not only surrounded by clutter and filth have something else going on. How can something so trivial as stuff cause such a negative impact on ones mental well being. How can if tear families apart and destroy relationships? Its actually not the physical things at all that are causing such a problem as it is the manifestation of the chaos in the mind. So if we are surrounded by chaos and disorder can we then clean up and declutter and help ourselves to live a more productive life. I think so…Clutter is so much more than just the belongings strewn about…its the roadblock in our minds and lives keeping us from living the life that we desire and wish for. It holds you down like a ton of bricks on top of you, it suffocates you until you cant breathe, and most likely leads to horrible anxiety. For me it has brought me to places that I don’t wish to be in my life, not leading the life I wish to and always making mistake after mistake caused by pure disorganization in every sense. I urge you to purge and get rid of extra stress and clutter bringing you down. Make room for new ideas, space to grow, focus, and peacefulness. Here is a couple simple steps to get you started:

  1. Make it fun! Turn on music that makes you feel good, music that you can dance to, or takes you to a happier time in life. For me this would include some Hall and Oates, Jackson Browne, or King Harvest. I will admit it usually resembles an original skit by Pedro Sanchez as performed by Napoleon Dynamite but whatever…it gets me in the right mindset!!
  2. Throw old stuff away that is garbage. Stuff that cant be donated or it expired or out of date. Don’t save the scraps, or old bottles of lotions just because their is leftovers. If its old and you don’t use it then let it go!!!
  3. If you haven’t used it or worn it in at least a few months than get rid of it. If it doesn’t fit you anymore than its not worth keeping. Don’t hold onto clothes in hopes of losing weight or fear of gaining it.
  4. Don’t feel guilty about letting things go. So what if your first boyfriend gave you it or your grandma sent you that card when you were 12. You don’t need it anymore. It serves you no purpose at all and it doesn’t bring people back when they are out of your life.
  5.  Donate donate donate!!! One mans trash really is another mans treasure. If its expensive or you paid good money for it then sell it! Get some money back from it and spend it on something that serves you in the future.
  6. Always use this rule if you are unsure… Ask yourself would I buy this right now at a store? If the answer is no then you don’t need it.
  7. Don’t keep every paper you ever receive. I know its hard but you cannot save every paper that comes home with a sticker in your childs Thursday folder!!! Save the card they made you in Kindergarten for Mothers Day  but be selective. I think parents think they will give it to their kids when they grow up but the reality is they wont want it either. You are just saving it to clutter their house up later.
  8. Consolidate the small things. So you like to craft? Great!! Make a place to keep all your supplies. Keep the reusable items but don’t hold on to old wine bottles because you saw something on Pinterest a couple years ago…let it go!!!
  9. Find a place for everything and make it out of sight. Minimal is the way to go if you truly want to get rid of the distractions.
  10. Be honest with yourself and imagine how much lighter and brighter you will feel. Make a promise that you wont spend money on things that are not essential to your life and remember how much money you will save. Use that money to get out of debt, take a vacation, buy what you do need, or help others out.

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